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Adult swimming provides a developmental programme leading from Beginners to Advanced, covering basic fundamentals to developing technical proficiency in water. (Courses commence Wednesday 11th January 2023 for 12 weeks. £78 for member /£114 for non-members)   

Adult Beginners - is a tailored course for first time novice swimmers. The objective of this course is to help adults to become more comfortable in the water. They will learn to enter the water, breath control and self-buoyancy. As confidence builds they will learn the correct body position, kicking, travelling through water and all the elementary strokes. (Sold Out)

Adult Intermediate -focuses on stroke development and with greater confidence in the water the strokes that are learned in the beginner's course are further developed. Adults are completely independent at this level, treading water and recovery to a swimming position is mastered and basic turns will be introduced. (Sold Out)

Adult Advanced focuses on improving technique in all strokes. You will work on your technique, stamina and all-round fitness in the water through a guided and safe environment. 

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Adult Climbing - get into everyone’s favourite new Olympic sport, the course is fun and engaging but also the right amount of ‘challenging’ too. You will learn the basic skills you need to be a safe climber such as; setting up your gear, tying into your harness, belaying, and of course a healthy dose of climbing technique. This course is designed for beginners & those with some previous climbing experience. 

(Course commences Monday 9th January with the choice of 18.30 – 20.00 or 20.00 - 21.30 every Monday for 6 weeks. £54 for members /£66 for Non Members)

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R.I.S.E.  with Paul Reynolds is for beginner and intermediate trainers, focusing on fitness fundamentals, nutrition and continuous self-improvement. Gain the knowledge and confidence to manage your lifestyle and improve your body. Sessions vary between strength training and H.I.I.T workouts, with online nutrition support. For more information, please click here. (Sold Out)

Mid Morning R.I.S.E Course commences 16th January, every Monday and Wednesdays from 9.30am-10.15am for 5 weeks. £80 for members / £90 for Non Members.

New Male Strength Training with Paul Reynolds - a progressive course developed for men who wish to get stronger and learn proper technique in the primary barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight movements. Male Strength Training commences Monday 6th February for 8 weeks.  £79 for Members / £89 for Non-Members


Yoga Nidra Treasa

Yoga Nidra is a restorative practice where you lie down in a comfortable position and are guided through a deep restful meditation.  A 45 minute yoga Nidra practice is said to be the equivalent of getting 3 hours sleep. During this course we will explore different breathing techniques and you will have the opportunity to experience the restorative powers of Yoga Nidra practice. Learning to work with your breath can help in all areas of your life - it is our most powerful tool in dealing with the stressors of daily life.

(Course commences Tuesday 17th January at 20.15 to 21.15 in Studio 3 every Tuesday for 5 weeks. £30 for members /£40 for Non Members)

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 Enrolment opens Thursday 8 December 2022


As per the terms of the Queen’s Sport health declaration, all bookers must advise of any medical or health issues in advance of the course. If you have any of the following medical or health issues (heart condition, recent chest pains brought on by exercise, spells of dizziness, are on medication for high blood pressure, have bone or joint issues, shortness of breath, are currently or recently pregnant, or have undergone any recent surgery) you must download and complete this Adult ParQ in full and return to

By continuing to your booking you agree to the above terms and the QS Health Declaration found Health Commitment


When booking please select the first date of the course on the booking calendar.

Non-members - to receive your login details and save up to £25 per course join today... you can also register as a course non-member and then book your course online.