Our popular R.I.S.E. programme is coming back for Autumn 2019 with 3 courses!!

Enrolment for Autumn 2019 opens Wednesday 21 August at 10.00am!

R.I.S.E. is for beginner and intermediate trainers, focusing on fitness fundamentals, nutrition and continuous self-improvement. Gain the knowledge and confidence to manage your lifestyle and improve your body. Sessions will include a mixture of high intensity interval training's and functional strength movements.

 R.I.S.E will include the following materials and workshops with Paul Reynolds: 

  • Training Manual 
  • Free Weights Workshop 
  • Recipe Booklet 
  • Nutrition Tracking and Guidance 

Courses begin: Monday 16 September 2019
Sessions will run from 0640 - 0725, 0725 - 0810 and 0845 -  0930 (NEW) each day Monday to Thursday for 12 weeks with a break the week of Monday 28 October. 

Cost:  £210 Members £260 Non-members

Monday  - Lower Body Focus

Squats, lunges, and step-ups are perfect for lower body conditioning and great for strong and toned legs. Track your progression and define your lower body. Plenty of planks and supermans to improve that core strength too.

Tuesday - Kickstart H.I.I.T

Fat burning full body workout day with lots of high intensity exercises followed by short duration rest periods. Increase your heart rate and burn calories fast! An abs shredder will fit in nicely to finish. Be prepared to kick-start your Monday at a fast pace and help motivate your new friends to help them beat the clock.

Wednesday- Upper Body Focus

Overhead presses, bent over rows and flat presses are musts when training your upper body. Be consistent, track your progression and notice your upper body becoming defined in 12 weeks. Again, you'll have plenty of core strength training to finish this workout!

Thursday  - Circuits/Boxercise (Alternate weekly)

Star jumps, burpees, and press ups are just a small number of exercises required that you'll be doing to make that bodyfat burn. This day will improve muscular endurance and definition while burning calories and shedding body fat. With high intensity stations and short breaks, your aerobic system will be working to its highest level making this another high calorie burner. 

To download an enrolment form please click here: RISE Autumn 2019 Enrolment Form

For more information please call reception on 028 9068 1126 or e-mail courseenquiries@qub.ac.uk