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With Queen’s Sport Fitness

Enrolment for Winter 2020 opens soon!

EVOLVE is new fitness program designed by Queen’s Sport to support beginner and intermediate level trainers with their exercise goals. This program focuses on total body conditioning, functional strength & movement, HIIT and core stability – ensuring everyone reaches their individual goals.

You will be provided with expert advice and mentorship throughout, developing the confidence and knowledge to take your fitness journey to the next level.

 EVOLVE will include the following;

  • Free Weights Workshop 
  • Training Plan and Tailored Goals
  • Guidance on Nutrition and Healthy Eating
  • Individualized Strength and Conditioning Advice
  • Expert advice and Mentorship throughout

Courses begin: Monday 6th January
Sessions will run 6.40 – 7.25 & 7.25 – 8.10 each day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 8 weeks.

Cost:  £135 Members £175 Non-members

Monday - Functional Strength

Functional Strength sessions will improve exercise technique, full-body functionality, increase strength and mobility whilst also providing an intense morning workout. Expect kettlebells, squats, core and med balls.

Tuesday – Lower body

Develop strong, toned and defined legs after a session involving lunges, step-ups and sled drives. By working your legs early in the week we can focus on quality and target that big muscle group that is great for boosting your metabolism and burning calories. Throw in some core and we are ready to go!

Thursday- Upper Body Focus

Develop better posture and technique whilst getting a strong upper body. Overhead press and rows are great for back and shoulders but we tailor each workout based on your individual needs. Through consistent hard work, notice your progression and see your upper body goals reached in 8 weeks. There will be some fun team core exercises to finish and boost your mood!

Friday  - High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts mean high work rate and short recoveries, giving you the perfect pre-weekend boost – ideal for total body conditioning and burning fat. Increase your heart rate and give it your all, this session will challenge you to push hard and reap the rewards. Both aerobic and anaerobic systems will be taxed here!


For more information please call reception on 028 9068 1126 or e-mail