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Children's Courses

Summer Courses | Dance | Climbing | Gymnastics | Taekwondo


Summer Courses 2024: Summer course enrolment will open 21 June 

Summer Courses

Summer Swim Camp

Our swim camp offers a more intensive learning program condensed to one week. Swimmers join us everyday for a week as part of their swim camp. Swimming more frequently gives your child the opportunity to practice their skills and reach their goals faster. Consistency and frequency are key to progressing your child’s water safety and swim skills.

Our swim camp is open to swimmers of all abilities. Beginner swimmers focus on water safety skills and foundations swim skills that are key to progressing into safe, confident swimmers. Improver level swimmers will round out their swimming technique for all strokes. Our swim camp features small classes to ensure each swimmer receives individual attention throughout the swim camp session.

Swim camp is a perfect way to jump start your swimmers skills and fill your summer break with our favourite activity … swimming!

  • 30 Minutes
  • Monday – Friday (everyday)
  • 16.00 & 16.30
  • Members (£40) and non-members (£55) for 1 week
  • Course starts 19 August
  • Enrolment opens 21 June at Queen’s Sport Reception

Summer Swim Camp Enrolment Form

Parent & Teen/pre-teen Circuits

Find it challenging to fit your exercise sessions into the week? What if one of them was with the family? After all your teens/ pre-teen’s need to exercise too and spend quality time together to strengthen your bond.

Increase the shared time with your teen/pre teen around a new joint activity, take pleasure in doing something together outside the context of school or domestic tasks

Our Parent & Teen/ Pre-Teen Circuits offer a fun fitness programme for parents and guardians and their older children or teens. This class is a great way to spend time together as a family. It also encourages the younger participants to develop lifelong fitness habits.

This class is open to all parents, guardians, and grandparents with pre teen’s/ teen’s

  • 18.30 for 45 Minutes
  • Thursday
  • Minor Hall
  • Ages 11 to 16
  • Course starts 8 August
  • Summer Enrolment opens 21 June at Queen’s Sport Reception

Dance Camp

  • 09.30 – 11.45 (09.30 – 10.30 Ballet & 10:45 -11:45 Contemporary)
  • Monday - Thursday
  • Studio 3
  • Ages 14 to 17
  • Some dance experience required
  • Course starts 19 August
  • Summer Enrolment opens 21 June 

Book Online  or complete this application and return to PEC Reception - Summer 24 Enrolment Form

Please note: If your child has any health needs we need to be aware of or you have had a change in details since last enrolment, please ensure you download and fill in this PARQ and return to our reception at the PEC.




Upcoming Autumn 2024 Courses: Autumn courses will commence in September 2024 with enrolment opening mid August 2024.


Children will embark on a journey of movement, creativity, and skill-building! They will explore the captivating world of gymnastics, learning fundamental techniques such as tumbling, balance, and co-ordination. Led by our expert instructors, the programme is designed to foster confidence and self-expression in a safe and encouraging environment.

Through a blend of fun exercises, imaginative routines, and playful challenges, children will develop not only physical strength and flexibility but also essential life skills like perseverance and teamwork. Whether your child is taking their first steps in gymnastics or seeking to refine their abilities, our course is tailored to accommodate all levels of experience.

  • Dojo
  • 1 Hour
  • Juniors Age 5-7 - Wednesdays at 16.30
  • Seniors Age 8-12 - Wednesdays at 17.30
  • Course starts in September 2024


KinderGYM is a structured pre-school gymnastics class for children aged 3-5 year where they will embark on a structured journey through the realm of gymnastics.

Our classes have a clear focus on crafting learning experiences through joyful playtime and nurturing the growth of early gymnastic skills, whilst building motor skills and fostering self-confidence. Children will enhance their coordination, agility, and balance in a supportive setting.

  • Dojo
  • 45 Minutes
  • Wednesdays at 15.45
  • Course starts in September 2024


Taekwondo, a prominent Korean martial art, places its primary emphasis on strikes, particularly through a dynamic array of kicks while encompassing upper body techniques as well. Translated as "the way of foot and fist," Taekwondo stands as one of the most widely practiced martial arts globally. It seamlessly integrates elements of fitness, flexibility, self-defence, and above all, an enjoyable experience.

  • Dojo
  • 1 Hour (Juniors)- 90 Minutes (Seniors)
  • Juniors Age 5-8 - Saturdays at 10.00 
  • Seniors Age 8-17 - Saturdays at 11.00
  • Course starts in September 2024


Baby Ballet 

Beginners class offers a delightful introduction to this art form. Guided by an experienced tutor, children will engage in specially curated exercises and music that promote both physical and intellectual development. Additionally, creativity and social skills will flourish in this nurturing environment.

  • Studio 3
  • 1 Hour 
  • Beginners 1 Age 2-4 - Saturdays at 10.30 
  • Beginners 2 Age 2-4 - Saturday at 13.00
  • Course starts in September 2024

Improvers class is designed to build upon the basics. Children continue honing their ballet skills, focusing on posture, coordination, musicality, and imaginative expression. Set in a friendly and playful setting, this class supports each child's unique development journey.

  • Studio 3
  • Age 3-5 
  • 1 Hour 
  • Saturdays at 11.45
  • Course starts in September 2024

Baby Ballet - Pre Primary - Children will embark on a magical exploration of ballet, through gentle exercises, imaginative storytelling, and delightful music, our little dancers will develop essential motor skills, coordination, and a love for creative expression.

The Baby Ballet Pre-Primary class lays the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of dance. As children twirl, leap, and explore, they will not only enhance their physical abilities but also build confidence and social skills in a warm and encouraging environment.

  • Studio 1
  • Age 4-7
  • 1 Hour 
  • Sundays at 12.00
  • Course starts in September 2024

Contemporary Dance - 

This dynamic class offers young dancers the chance to explore the expressive world of contemporary dance. Led by our experienced tutors, this course blends fluid movements, artistic expression, and rhythmic exploration. Children will learn to convey emotions through dance while developing strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Whether your child is a beginner or has previous dance experience, our Children's Contemporary Dance Course welcomes all levels for 4-8 year olds . In a supportive and energetic environment, participants will refine their skills and gain confidence in their unique artistic voice.

  • Studio 1
  • Age 4-8
  • 1 Hour 
  • Sundays at 11.00
  • Course starts in September 2024

Latin Dance for Children *New 

Latin dancing helps all young dancers levels of cardio fitness while keeping things fun and entertaining to keep their attention. Moving the body every week in a subtle way benefits their future. Learning about another culture helps children to build a sense of identity and knowledge of the world around them, and can set them up for more positive relationships in future. Along with learning one or two words of Spanish while they are dancing away! 

  • Studio 1
  • Age 7-12
  • 1 Hour 
  • Sundays at 13.00 
  • Course starts in September 2024

Climbing - Our Children's Climbing Course is an exciting and interactive experience that fosters both confidence and skill development. Through climbing, children embark on a journey of self-discovery and enhanced abilities. This activity not only cultivates self-assurance but also nurtures teamwork skills, all while providing a remarkably effective workout in disguise.

  • Saturdays from 10.30 (please see below)
  • Course starts in September 2024

Climbing P2-P4
Ages P2-P4
Saturday 10.30am-12.00pm

Climbing P5-P7
Ages P5-P7
Saturday 12.00pm-1.30pm

Climbing YR8-YR10
Ages YR8-YR10
Saturday 2.00pm-3.30pm

Climbing YR11+
Ages YR11+
Saturday 3.30pm-5.00pm