Active Children's Programme

Active Children's Programme Spring 2019 - Spaces still available! Don't miss out! 

Key Information: 
  • NEW TIMES - 2 x Active Minds courses - a blend of exercise and mindfulness - for more information see course description below
  • All courses are available to both members and non-members of Queen's Sport
  • Queen’s Sport members get a discount of up to £39. For information on our membership packages & offers please click here.
  • All courses commence week beginning Monday 6 May. All courses will run for 8 weeks inclusive. 
  • There will be no activities on Monday 6 May due to the May Day closure. Monday courses will run for 7 weeks inclusive.
  • Enrolment STILL OPEN!

Spring 2019 Programme

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Children's Activity Descriptions

Active Minds This six-week fun-filled body and brain workout will train young minds and bodies to achieve their potential through a mindfulness-based, innovative approach to exercise. The programme is divided into two complementary parts; 40 minutes body training and 20 minutes brain training.  This bespoke training programme is designed to enable 6-12 year olds to develop their potential through increasing their fitness levels, feeling happier, calmer and more fulfilled, learning how to work with partners and in teams, developing skills of focus and concentration, building resilience to cope with stress and anxiety and.supporting performance in sport.

Baby Dance is for your toddler who just can't stop dancing when they hear the beat.  Baby Dance will involve you and your little one dancing, learning and playing together. There is a structure to the class, but time for free movement too.  Each week will dance to action songs and rhythmic songs and learn simple movements.  There will also be a different theme each week, like jungle animals, weather, fairy stories and transport and many more. The fun is endless in this class.  A parent/guardian participation is vital in this class. 

Baby Ballet is a class designed to provide a great early years dance experience. Through ballet exercises and music children will develop coordination, balance, posture and flexibility. Delivered in a professional and safe dance environment. Wear comfortable clothes for you and your children.

Tiny Tots Hip Hop introduces your wee one to the world of Hip Hop dance. Using creative play, games and our super cool dance moves, the dancer will learn the fundamentals of dance and movement while developing their confidence and creative skills. They will make lots of friends and have tons of fun along the way!

Trampolining is an exciting course for children to gain confidence and learn specific skills while giving all children the opportunity to learn and develop proficiency in trampolining. All children will progress from basic jumps to straddle jump, pike jump, half twist, full twist and somersaults throughout the course.

Basketball is a fun and invigorating sport. All children’s courses (Junior and Senior) are designed to develop children’s fundamental athletic ability. The course is well-balanced mix of practice drills and friendly fun games ensuring all children develop skills in foot work, ball handling, dribbling and shooting as well as enhanced self confidence.

Gymnastics The Core Gymnastics course is suitable for primary school children. The course endorsed by British Gymnastics provides a sound framework for the development of core gymnastics skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination. The course follows the British Gymnastics proficiency award scheme which allows all children to attain and progress through the eight levels of award for this course.

KinderGym A small group course for pre-school age children and their parents. KinderGym aims to develop your child’s balance, co-ordination, body control and flexibility. The ten week half-hour course will utilize basic gymnastics positions, movement and games – all in a fun and safe environment.  

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art and Olympic combat sport. It focuses mainly on strikes, mostly kicks but upper body striking also. It's name means the way of foot and fist and it is one of the most practiced martial arts in the world combining elements of fitness, flexibility, self defense and most importantly fun. There are no pre-requisites to joining our classes and beginners are always welcome!



 Squirrels is a 1 hour long class for our youngest climbers. Parents will accompany their children on their introduction to rock climbing through fun games and activities. Children will learn the FUNdamental skills while parents will learn basic skills such as putting on harnesses, tying knots and belaying. For children aged 4 - 5.

Rock Monkeys is a FUN climbing course for children. The focus of this course is on developing fundamental movement skills through friendly games that involve climbing. Each week, children will assist in a team belay and will have the opportunity to climb to the top of the wall. Certificates are awarded at the end of the course in recognition of individual achievement. For children aged 6 - 7.

Wall Stars continues the development of movement skills and introduces climbing techniques. The emphasis is on developing agility, balance and coordination, the fundamentals of climbing. When they are ready, children will learn how to belay by themselves. Certificates are awarded at the end of the course and children will begin to work towards achievement of the NICAS Level 1 certificate. For children aged 8 - 10.

Junior Mountaineers provides participants with the opportunity to learn advanced climbing techniques and have the opportunity to climb on the overhanging Everest wall. Lead climbing is taught to the more experienced participants on the course. Those who follow the NICAS syllabus will work towards achievement of Levels 1 and 2. For children aged 10 - 12.

Everest Explorers is for teenagers and provides a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn climbing. Beginners and advanced are catered for and peer learning is encouraged. Lead climbing is taught on this course to participants with experience in climbing. NICAS levels 1, 2 and 3 can be achieved by participants. For children aged 12+.

Pre-requisite: Climbing shoes are highly recommended for all participants

Climbing Squad (invitation only) is for children who have shown enthusiasm for the sport and excelled in the previous courses. This course is led by our top instructors ensuring all participants gain knowledge of climbing and develop a high level of skill and technical ability in all aspects of climbing. This includes abseiling, route setting and much more with participants having opportunities for further advancement in the sport. For children aged 6+.

Pre-requisite: Climbing shoes are required for all participants


The Queen's Sport Splash 'n' Swim Programme provides professional swimming lessons for babies, children and young people. Splash 'n' Swim has adopted the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) national plan for swimming and we specialise in stroke efficiency, water confidence and learning through fun.

We offer an excellent professional development pathway for participants to progress from Waterbabies to our Barracudas or Rookie Lifeguard courses. Participants who develop through the programme will also have the opportunity to be invited to the Queen’s Swim Squad.

Waterbabies is perfect exercise for little ones, since water allows their muscles to move freely and they’re supported by its buoyancy. The class incorporate lots of bonding, fun and socialising.

The Duckling Awards are designed to help children explore and enjoy the fun of learning to swim. They can help you shape your swimming lessons by giving set outcomes and provide a foundation level for swimming. Ages 3-5.

Adult support is required in both Waterbabies and Ducklings.

The 10 Stage programme
  • Waterbabies - Parent & Child lessons
  • Ducklings - Parent & Child lessons
  • Starfish (Non Swimmers)
  • Seahorses (Beginners 1)
  • Stingrays (Beginners 2)
  • Dolphins (Improvers 1)
  • Sharks (Improvers 2)
  • Jets (Advanced)
  • Barracudas (Swim School)
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • Queen’s Swim Squad (Invitation only)