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TBUC Junior Leaders Programme Information

TBUC Junior Leaders Programme at Queen's Sport

The Junior Leaders assist activity and team leaders to deliver activities and coaching for children aged 6 – 13 who attend Queen’s Sport’s annual summer scheme.

As part of the T:BUC programme, workshops are delivered to the Junior Leaders focusing on good relations. Our 2019 T:BUC Co-ordinator Chloe McIlwaine said "We are trying to create a positive attitudinal change and develop new friendships between young people from different backgrounds; and we want to create an appreciation of and learning about different cultures as well".

The Junior Leaders who go through the programme achieve a recognised sports leadership qualification and are provided with expert training from Queen’s Sport staff.

The T:BUC programme allows the Junior Leaders to take part in and deliver a wide range of sporting activities, boosting their interpersonal skills, future opportunities, health and friendships.

Watch a short video of our 2019 programme!

For more information and to apply to our TBUC Junior Leader Programme for the 2021 Summer Scheme please click here