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Adult Swimming Lessons Starting February 2022

Adult swimming Lessons

Queen's Sport are delighted to welcome back our Adult Swimming Lessons for Winter 2022

Adult Swimming Lessons provides a developmental programme leading from Beginners, to Improvers and then Advanced,covering basic fundimentals to developing technical proficiency in water.  

Adult Beginners is a tailored course for first time novice swimmers. The objective of this course is to help adults to become more comfortable in the water. They will learn to enter the water, breath conrol and self boyancy. As confidence builds they will learn the correct body position, kicking, travelling through water and all the elementary strokes.

Adult Intermediate focuses on stroke development and with greater confience in the water the strokess that are learned in the beginner's course are further developed. Adults are completely independant at this level, treading water and recovery to a swimming position is mastered and basic turns will be introduced.

Adult Advanced objectives include developing stroke correction, technique and refinement in order to achieve more efficiency and endurance. More advanced progression is focused on to master all elementary strokes.

Key Information:
  • Starts Wednesday 2 February
  • End Date Wednesday 6 April 
  • 10 weeks inclusive
  • 7.45pm - 8.15pm (Beginners & Intermediate) 8.15pm - 8.45pm (Beginners & Advanced)
  • £65 members / £95 non-members
  • Enrolment is now open!

As per the terms of the Queen’s Sport health declaration, all bookers must advise of any medical or health issues in advance of the course. If you have any of the following medical or health issues (heart condition, recent chest pains brought on by exercise, spells of dizziness, are on medication for high blood pressure, have bone or joint issues, shortness of breath, are currently or recently pregnant, or have undergone any recent surgery) you must download and complete this PARQ in full and return to

By continuing to your booking you agree to the above terms and the QS Health Declaration found here.


When booking please select 2 February on the booking calendar