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Make more of you through our Active Campus Programme this year. It’s a fun way to try something new while meeting new people at the same time. We support a range of social, recreational, club sport and physical activity opportunities to ensure high levels of participation.

Our goal is not only to increase participation to improve physical health but mental and emotional wellbeing as well. So, if you need a break from studying come join us at one our sessions across campus. Become an integral member of our team inside a world class academic environment.

With over 50 sports clubs, over 100 activity classes and participation programmes we cater for everyone’s needs. From our academy sports such as Soccer and GAA to Ultimate Frisbee we have lots of activities for you to try out. So, come along and make more of you as you acquire the Queen’s experience!

For further information on the programme we offer, please visit us through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media channels.




Active Colleagues

For Queen’s staff with a PEC membership who want to find an active colleague email to find a partner for the activities listed below. Active Campus will put you in contact with your Active Colleague. Please note by emailing Active Campus you are giving us permission to share your information with other Queen's Staff Active Colleagues. 

-          Squash

-          Table Tennis 

-          Badminton

-          Racquetball 

-          GAA Handball

-          Gym

-          Campus Run

-          Climbing 

If you have any other activities in mind, please let us know, and we will try to find you an Active Colleague