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Queen's parkrun Celebrates 12 Great Years...

Queen's parkrun Celebrates 12 Years on Saturday 24 February

This week marks a significant milestone for Queen's parkrun as they lace up for their 541st event, coinciding with the joyous occasion of their 12th birthday. Over the years, the event has become more than just a weekly run—it's a celebration of community, achievement, and a touch of whimsy.

Since it began in 2012, Queen's parkrun has seen an impressive turnout, with a staggering 10,118 finishers and the unwavering support of 867 dedicated volunteers. The event has become a staple in the lives of many, attracting participants from various backgrounds and age groups.

Notable Achievements:

  • Event Count: A remarkable 540 events have taken place to date, with this week's run marking the 541st.
  • Running Clubs: City of Lisburn AC holds the record for the most runs by club members, an impressive 3718, while Jog Lisburn boasts the highest number of participants from a single club, with 127 members.
  • Route Evolution: The 5k route has undergone changes, adapting to the growing popularity of the event. In 2018, a modification was made to accommodate the increasing activity on Saturday mornings.

Parkrun Tourism and Challenges:

  • Visitors' Delight: Last week, a third of the participants were visitors, indulging in the joy of parkrun tourism. Many strive to achieve milestones such as completing a parkrun in every country or joining exclusive clubs like the Cowell Club (100 different locations) and Freyne Club (250 different locations).
  • International Flavour: While most park runners are local attendees, Queen's parkrun is also graced by visitors from South Africa and Australia, turning the event into a global gathering some weeks.

As we celebrate 12 years at Queen's parkrun, a heartfelt thank you to all participants and volunteers. Your dedication and energy have transformed Queen's parkrun into a vibrant running community..

Join us this Saturday as we mark this special occasion with complimentary tea, coffee, cake, and bacon rolls.

For more information e-mail Queens parkrun or follow this link Queen's parkrun