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Am I eligible?
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The Elite Athlete Scholarship is the highest sporting award for any student athlete to receive whilst studying at Queen’s University Belfast. The scheme has been designed to challenge athletes to raise their ambition and to maximise their sporting and academic potential.


Following a review, the Elite Athlete Programme now offers students support across two tiers, supported as follows:


Support Package

Academic Fees



Tier 2



Full suite

Tier 1



Full suite


The Elite Athlete Support package will also include provision of the following:


- Academic Flexibility in line with the University’s policies.

- Individual Academic and Sports Mentoring.

- Personalised Strength and Conditioning support.

- Contribution towards University fees (tier 1 only) paid on their behalf.

- Contribution towards Accommodation and/or Travel costs (up to £3,000 p/a)

- Complimentary membership to Queen’s sports indoor and outdoor facilities (£250 p/a).

- Contribution towards recognised national and international competitions (up to £500 p/a).

- Sports Medicine / Physiotherapy support.

- Branded High Performance Sports Clothing.

- Food / Nutritional Supplements on a needs analysis.

- Technical coaching/workshops with highly qualified personnel.

- Opportunity to avail of Queen’s Sport Activity Courses and Class Programme, including yoga, pilates, etc.

- Degree Plus Accreditation (Route A) upon full completion of Academy Programme.