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schedule for Queen's JIRS 2018

Thanks for your entries to the inaugural Queen’s JIRS 2018. We have over 80 junior entries from clubs and schools from all over the province for the Queen’s JIRS 2018. It’s also one of the largest entries for the annual BUCS UIRS. Our time table for the event has been designed to allow for visiting clubs and schools reasonable travel times. 


                                      Event Time Table


10 am.                 Boys under 14

10.15 am            Girls under 14

10.30 am            Boys under 16

10.45 am.           Girls under 16 

Medal presentation Boys and Girls under 14 and 16.


11am.                  Men’s Lightweight and Boys under 18

11.15 am.           Women’s lightweight and Girls under 17

11.30 am.           Boys under 15

11.45 am.           Girls under 15

12 noon.             Boys under 17

Medal presentation Boys and Girls under 15 and Boys under 17


12.15 pm.           Relays Boys and Girls under 14

12.30pm.            Relays Boys and Girls under 16

12.45 pm.           Relay Boys under 18

Medal presentations to relays teams.


1pm.                   BUCS Beginner Women 

1.15pm.              BUCS Beginner Women

1.30pm.              BUCS Beginner Women

1.45pm.              BUCS Beginner Women

2pm.                    BUCS Beginner Men

2.15pm.               BUCS Beginner Men

2.30pm                BUCS Beginner Men

2.45pm.               BUCS Beginner Men

Medal to Beginner men and Women.


3pm                      BUCS Open Men

3.15pm.               BUCS Open Men

3.30pm.               BUCS Open Women.

3.45pm.               BUCS Open Women.