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Active Campus

Discover new experiences and make lifelong connections with our Active Campus programme which is open to Staff, Students and the Wider Community. Our extensive range of social, recreational, and physical activities ensures that you have a wide variety of enjoyable activities to choose from. Our aim extends beyond enhancing physical health, we're dedicated to nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. Queen's Sport and our Active Campus Sponsor VANRATH, are unwavering in our commitment to providing you with an exceptional student and staff experience during your time at Queen's. Our joint mission is to empower you to excel academically and flourish in your future career and we're enthusiastic about helping you seize every sport and recreational opportunity available through the VANRATH Active Lifestyle Programme.

Irrespective of your athletic prowess or fitness level, the Active Campus programme caters to all. Through our four strands of Active Campus; Active Fitness, Active Lifestyle and Active Clubs, there is something for everyone. Whether you're challenging yourself with Couch 2 5k or the Queen’s Deep River Rock 5k or engaging in taster sessions hosted by our 62 sports clubs tailored for beginners, rest assured there's something that will resonate with you. Have a desire to experience dodgeball, yoga, social netball, or tag rugby? Our program is tailor-made to offer you a diverse range of exciting opportunities.

Join us on a journey of exploration and empowerment through the Active Campus Programmes.

Find out additional information on VANRATH Active Campus and Queen's Sport through our Make More Of You Booklet 2023/24


Make More of You through our range of programmes this semester...


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Residential Assistant Training 31 August 1 hour Thursday 13.00-14.00 Treehouse BT9 Residential Team Only
Active Campus Awareness Session for Staff 4 September 4 hours Monday 10.00-14.00 One Elmwood Drop In
Staff Football  12 September - 28 November 12 weeks Tuesday 13.00-14.00


Queen's Sport

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Campus Run 13 September  On going  Wednesday 13.15 Lanyon Building Drop In

Sports Club Check In Day

(SU Clubs)

18 September 2 hours  Monday 18.00-20.00 BT1, BT2 & BT9 Accommodation

Drop In

(QUB Accommodation Students Only)

Staff Netball 19 September - 21 November 10 weeks Tuesday 13.00-14.00

Minor Hall

Queen's Sport

Register HERE
Academy Sport Taster Day 20 September 4 hours Wednesday 14.00-18.00 Queen's Sport Upper Malone 

Register HERE for BT9

Register HERE for BT1

Student Wellbeing School Sports Day 21 September 2 hours Thursday 14.00-16.00

Main/Minor Halls Queen's Sport

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Fresher's Fair 26-28 September 3 days Tues - Wednesday 9.00-17.00 Mandela Hall Register HERE
Couch to 5K Programme Semester 1 26 September - 28 November 10 weeks Tuesday 19.00 PEC Register HERE
Staff Badminton 28 September - 30 November 10 weeks Thursday  13.00-14.00 Minor Hall Register HERE
11 a side league 4 October - 6 December 10 weeks Wednesday 14.00-17.00 Upper Malone and BCC Pitches Register HERE
American Football Taster Session 4 October -25 October  4 weeks Wednesday 20.00-22.00 OTF Register HERE

Intro to Campus Run

4 October – 6 December

10 weeks



Lanyon Building

Register HERE

LGBTQIA + Squash

(Ulster Squash)

5 October – 23 November

8 weeks



Squash Courts 7+8


5 a side league Monday 9 October - 27 November 8 weeks Monday 14.00-17.00 OTF Register HERE
World Mental Health Day - Class Combo Session 10 October 1 hour Tuesday 12.30-13.30 Main Hall

Queen's Sport App

World Mental Health Day - Yoga Session 10 October 1 hour Tuesday 18.00-19.00 The Great Hall Register HERE
Hope Walk for Papyrus 11 October 3 hours Wednesday 16.30-19.30 One Elmwood TBC
5 a side league Wednesday 11 October - 29 November 8 weeks Wednesday 14.00-17.00 OTF Register HERE
Social Futsal 11 October - 29 November 8 weeks Wednesday 14.30-15.30 Main Hall Register HERE
Social Basketball Programme 16 October - 20 November 6 week Monday 14.00-16.00 Main Hall Register HERE
International GAA 24 October - 28 November 6 weeks Tuesday  14.00-15.00 OTF Register HERE
Halloween Dodgeball  26 October 4 hours Thursday 12.00-16.30 Main Hall Register HERE
3 v 3 Basketball Tournament 27 November 4 hours Monday 12.00-16.00 Main Hall Register HERE
Santa Run 6 December  1 hour Wednesday  13.00 Lanyon Building Register HERE
Upcoming Events...
My Disability Doesn't Define Me

Join us on November 30th at 1pm for an impactful event in collaboration with QUB Disability Services: 'My Disability Doesn't Define Me.' In observance of the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Active Campus proudly presents a 20-minute talk featuring speakers Oisin McGurk and James Stockdale. Oisin, a current QUB student and Blues Recipient, will share insights into his journey as an International Footballer representing Northern Ireland in the Cerebral Palsy World Cup. James, a recent QUB graduate and familiar face from 'Derry Girls,' will discuss his personal achievements and the path to becoming a solicitor. Don't miss this opportunity to gain inspiration and awareness about the capabilities of individuals beyond their disabilities.

Click HERE to book.

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