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Queen's Sport FREE:Fitness Plus Programme

Enhance your gym experience

Do you want to learn more about fitness?

Are you not meeting your goals?

Do you simply want to get started or try something new?

Queen’s Sport are launching a new Fitness Plus Programme aimed at upskilling members to ensure they get the best out of their training and meet their goals. The programme will consist of a combination of fitness seminars and practical workshops focused on areas such as diet & nutrition, mobility, kettlebells etc. This programme is free to all members and is aimed at all levels of training, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gym user looking to incorporate new techniques and tips. 

Neil Thompson 

Diet & Nutrition: diet has the greatest impact on fat loss and health - learn how to maximise your results in this seminar.

What makes a diet a good one? Find out the key factors which make a diet successful and what is the best approach to obtain a healthy & lean physique. Popular diet approaches such as Lean in 15, Slimming World and 5:2 diet will be investigated. 

Heather Weir 

When it comes to fitness what do women want? When it comes to fitness training there is so much information available but what do you want to achieve from your workouts? Join me for an in-depth look at the importance of:

Why you do it – your goals

What you do – focused exercises

How you do it – perfect technique – the SQUEEZE

Where you feel it  - loving the burn

Learn how changing your workout will change your body & how training techniques affect your results.

Paul Reynolds 

Why you need to introduce mobility training into your workout.

Avoid pain when training and improve your workout

Sore knees when squatting? Shoulder pain while pressing? Back pain while planking? Experiencing pain while exercising can restrict your training routine or worse, lead to long term injury and various trips to a physio. This seminar aims to teach you the correct methods to mobilise and activate your body before training. You will be taught how to improve your technique and posture via the use of excellent mobility drills, resistance bands and foam rollers


For more information and to book your place contact the Queen’s Sport reception 

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