R.I.S.E. Programme

R.I.S.E. Next Level is for intermediate and advanced trainers who have already completed R.I.S.E. and/or Back 2 Basics. RISE Next Level is aimed at those who want to dedicate just 8 weeks of mornings (Monday-Thursday) to get the summer body they want. Perfect if you like consistency, progression and are prepared to do the work and take your training up another level.

The course aims to improve fitness through:

REACTIVATION - retrain the way you currently move, exercise and adjust negative lifestyle habits.

INTENSE TRAINING - high intensity exercise to accelerate fat burn and fitness levels.

STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT- (the key components to any fitness programme) to change your body, improve flexibility, prevent injury and burn fat

ENDURANCE IMPROVEMENT - to increase overall fitness levels, stamina and metabolism

Members / Students:

Non Members: £200.00

To sign up for the R.I.S.E. Programme please complete our RISE Next Level Spring 2017 Enrolment Form  and bring to PEC Reception.

Courses begin: 2 May 2017

Sessions run from 0700 - 0745 each day Monday to Thursday for 8 weeks

Progression is a key aspect of R.I.S.E. allowing you to improve strength, endurance and manage your weight- you will be keeping track of your own score via a daily log sheet of time to completion, total weight lifted, or number of sets/repetitions totalled within a set time. The course will develop awareness of the importance of nutrition and weight management to achieve your goals- this will be realistic and specific to each enrolee. 

Monday - High intensity cardio & abs shred

Fat burning full body workout day with lots of high intensity exercises followed by short duration rest periods. Increase your heart rate and burn calories fast! An abs shredder will fit in nicely to finish. Be prepared to kick-start your Monday at a fast pace and help motivate your new friends to help them beat the clock.

Tuesday - Lower body conditioning & core strength

Squats, lunges, and step-ups are perfect for lower body conditioning and great for summer legs. Track your progression and define your lower body. Plenty of planks and supermans to improve that core strength too. 

Wednesday - Upper body conditioning & core strength 

Overhead presses, bent over rows and flat presses are musts when training your upper body. Be consistent, track your progression and notice your upper body becoming defined in 8 weeks. Again, you'll have plenty of core strength training to finish this workout!

Thursday - Bodyfat burn 

Star jumps, burpees, and high knees are just a small number of exercises required that you'll be doing to make that bodyfat burn. A day guaranteed to finish off a great week of training!

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes


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