Hockey Academy Criteria and Standards 2017/18

The Hockey Academy is designed to focus resources and challenge athletes to maintain performance throughout their time on the programme. While the entry levels for performance programmes are based on current achievements, it is important that we ensure all athletes maintain their focus on individual and team performances throughout the season. Queen’s Sport has now adopted a performance review process in line with the university academic calendar in December and May of each year.


 Academy Standard


-          Provincial representative experience at Junior or Senior level

-          Proven record at School’s Cup level

-          Age grade representation at national level

-          Established club player at Senior level

-          Proven record of success at competitive level

The Sports Development Team at Queen’s Sport will be co-ordinating the support structure for all scholarship recipients and aim to make this achievement as beneficial as possible. This award entitles you to a number of benefits, which are coordinated by the Head Hockey Coach. You will be required to follow the training programme and maintain the Academy performance standards as set out by the Head Hockey Coach.


Each full academy member will be supported in the following:


-          Personal, specific athletic development programmes throughout the season

-          Academic mentoring and flexibility with course requirements

-          Lifestyle and time management mentoring

-          Physiotherapy and sports medicine support on a needs analysis

-          All-inclusive membership to all indoor and outdoor sports facilities at Queen’s Sport

-          Bespoke training and leisure clothing

-          Bespoke, personal Sports nutrition advice and supplements where applicable

-          Degree Plus accreditation (route A) upon full completion of Academy programme


Sub Academy Standard


Queen’s Sport recognises that some athletes on the Performance Pathway may not meet all of the full academy criteria. Those who meet the below will be considered for the Hockey Sub Academy:


-          First team squad player for QUB

-          Commitment to pitch and gym sessions

-          Achieving targets set out from head coach throughout the season


Inherent in the Academy structure within Queen’s Sport is the opportunity for Sub Academy athletes to achieve Academy status over the course of the year and to avail of the additional benefits that entails.  Each Sub Academy member will benefit as follows:


-            Complimentary Off-Peak Membership to the PEC sports facilities at Queen’s Sport

-            Specific athletic development programmes throughout the season constituent of gym and water based components

-            The potential to move to Academy status dependant on performance within the club

-            Opportunity to apply for support through individual aspects of Academy programmes, to be considered on merit and performance

-            Opportunity to avail of Queen’s Sport tutored programmes


Queen’s Sport Athlete Pathway


All athletes on Academy programmes should be committed to the training and testing protocols as specified by the Head Hockey Coach and within the performance pathway of your sport. The Queen’s Sport Pathways have been carefully designed to help recognise your achievements and commitment to your sport but also challenge you as an athlete to reach stretched targets within your sport.


Queen’s Sport Development adopts an open and supportive environment to help students achieve their academic and sporting goals. Regular review and mentoring meetings will occur with the Head Hockey Coach along with other Queen’s Sport Performance Staff to help you maintain high standards in both programmes and aims to provide personal development on all aspects of your sporting and academic performance.


University and Community Engagement


Hockey Academy athletes are considered leaders within their peer environments and ambassadors for Queen’s Sport and the University. You are selected with this in mind and will occasionally be asked to fulfil some duties in this regard – photo shoots, meet and greet, etc.


This will also include engagement in community and club coaching programmes which are facilitated at the PEC and the Queen’s Sport boat house across the academic year. You will be expected to volunteer for coaching in these programmes in each semester as they arise.