Queen's Sport

Club Contacts

All 54 student clubs at Queen's are constituted through the Students' Union. Clubs are normally comprised of an executive committee made up of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer who are all students at Queen's.

In recent times, clubs have incorporated officer roles for students to cover a wide range of areas including Sponsorship, Social, Safety, Fresher Liaison and IT.

To visit Club Websites please follow this link

For more information on club activity and opportunities to take part, use the the contacts below:-

Club Name Email
Aikido Club Aikido@qub.ac.uk
Athletics Club athletics@qub.ac.uk
Badminton Club badminton@qub.ac.uk
Boxing Club boxing@qub.ac.uk
Brazilian Ju Jitsu Club brazilianjujitsu@qub.ac.uk
Camogie Club Camogie@qub.ac.uk
Canoe Club canoe-club@qub.ac.uk
Caving Club Caving@qub.ac.uk
Cricket Club Cricket@qub.ac.uk
Dodgeball Club dodgeball@qub.ac.uk
Fencing Club Fencing@qub.ac.uk
Gliding Club gliding-club@qub.ac.uk
Golf Club Golf-Club@qub.ac.uk
Handball Club Handball-Club@qub.ac.uk
Harriers Club Harriers-Club@qub.ac.uk
Hurling Club Hurling-Club@qub.ac.uk
Jeet Kune Do Association JeetKuneDo@qub.ac.uk
Ju Jitsu Club Jujitsu@qub.ac.uk
Judo Club Judo@qub.ac.uk
Lacrosse Club lacrosse@qub.ac.uk
Ladies Rugby Club ladies-rugby@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Basketball Club ladies-basketball@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Boat Club ladies-boat-club@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Gaelic Football Club ladies-gaelic@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Hockey Club ladies-hockey@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Soccer Club ladies-soccer@qub.ac.uk
Ladies' Volleyball Club ladies-volleyball@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Basketball Club mens-basketball@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Boat Club mens-boat-club@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Gaelic Football Club mens-gaelic@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Hockey Club mens-hockey@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Soccer Club mens-soccer@qub.ac.uk
Mens' Volleyball Club mens-volleyball@qub.ac.uk
Motor Club motor-club@qub.ac.uk
Mountaineering Club Mountaineering@qub.ac.uk
Netball Club netball-club@qub.ac.uk
Queen's 5K Race queens5k@qub.ac.uk
Riding Club Riding-Club@qub.ac.uk
Rugby Football Club Rugby@qub.ac.uk
Sailing Club sailing@qub.ac.uk
Seidokan Karate Club seidokan-karate@qub.ac.uk
Skydiving Club skydiving@qub.ac.uk
Snooker and Billiards Club snooker@qub.ac.uk
Softball Club softball@qub.ac.uk
Squash Club Squash@qub.ac.uk
Sub-Aqua Club Sub-Aqua@qub.ac.uk
Surf Club surf-club@qub.ac.uk
Swimming, W'polo & L'saving Club Swimming-Waterpolo@qub.ac.uk
Table Tennis Club Tabletennis-Club@qub.ac.uk
Tae Kwon Do Club Taekwondo@qub.ac.uk
Tai Jitsu Club TaiJitsu-Club@qub.ac.uk
Tennis Club Tennis@qub.ac.uk
Trampoline Club Trampoline@qub.ac.uk
Underwater Hockey underwaterhockey@qub.ac.uk
Wado Ryu Karate Club wadoryu-karate@qub.ac.uk