Clifford Arbuthnot Benefaction (CA Fund)

Clifford Arbuthnot Benefaction (CA Fund)

The Queen’s Sport CA Fund is available to provide amenities to any individual, club/society to defray expenses they incur in furthering Queen’s University in becoming a world class university through the value of sport. Since its launch in 2016, the CA Fund has contributed almost £20,000 to more than 20 clubs and societies, as well as supporting 27 individual athletes competing at national and international events.

Maximum Awards of £1,000 are available to individuals, clubs or societies during this academic year (2018-19)

 There are three programmes of funding available for the 2018-19 academic year:

  1. Representative Funding for Individual Students or Sports Clubs competing for Queen’s in National and International recognised competitions, events and tournaments.
  2. Club or Society Initiatives, programmes and events that provide opportunities for students to improve; well-being through participation in sport or physical activity, or those targeting inclusion.
  3. Club or Society initiatives, programmes or events that encourage learning by raising awareness of higher education through sport by working with young people, schools, teachers and the wider community.

Criteria for Awards

CA Fund Criteria for Awards

Apply Online

Apply Online

Programmes we have funded

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Deep River Rock annal 3k and 5k

Queen’s Athletics club

In 2017, the club were successfully awarded funding aimed at increasing student participation in both races.

David Leavy

Rio Paralympics games

In 2016 David Leavy was one of fourteen athletes selected to represent Great Britain Disability Football Association to compete in the Rio Paralympics games.

Caving club

Accredited Cave Leadership training course

As a result of having more qualified leaders, the club were able have smaller focused groups during activities improving student experience and well-being.

Ladies Hockey

EY Irish Hockey league in 2018-19.

Following a very successful campaign in 2017-18, Ladies Hockey reached the play offs and subsequently qualified for the EY Irish Hockey league in 2018-19.