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Improve running performance with Strength & Conditioning.  S&C for Runners is a seminar that will equip you with knowledge and a programme suited specifically to your sport.  Improve running mechanics, running economy and prevent injury.  The S&C for runners session will provide you with information on:


- S&C methodology for running
- Gym training techniques
- Relevant exercises for running
- Injury prevention & load management
- Periodisation & programming
- Useful tips
The session will include a practical demonstration & coaching element that will provide you with some examples of useful exercises.
The seminar is run by Neil Thompson who is a Personal Trainer at Queen’s Sport.  He is a fully certified Strength & Conditioning Coach and has significant experience working within Elite Professional sport, development sport and the general population.
When: Saturday 10 March 2018, 11am - 1.30pm
Price: £30 per member / £40 non-member
Where: Queen’s Sport,  HPLC

Book now at the Queen's Sport reception or contact Neil for more information 07713284440 or


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