Course Descriptions


Pilates combines mental conditioning with physical training, working the body from inside out to lengthen and strengthen, tone and condition.

Hatha Yoga is the most widely practiced form of yoga in the West. Hatha yoga concentrates on physical health and mental well-being. Bodily postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and meditation (dyana) are used with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body and a clear, peaceful mind. There are around 200 hatha yoga postures with hundreds of variations that make the spine supple and promotes circulation in the organs, glands, and tissues. Hatha yoga postures also stretch and align the body, promoting balance and flexibility.  Hatha yoga makes you flexible, fit, strong and serene. 

Traditional Yoga is a practical philosophy combining meditation postures, stretching and simple breathing techniques in order to promote both physical and mental well-being. Traditional Yoga covers a set of static poses that target specific areas of the body. Given that being a human is a psycho-physical experience,  the poses also touch our inner emotional experience. Syncing breath with movement and stillness gives us the opportunity to reconnect to our body and ourselves.

Morning Yoga / Morning Pilates start your morning off right - rise, shine, and stretch! Our new early morning yoga & pilates courses will help set your mind and body up for the day ahead. 

Beginner's Yoga is suitable for absolute beginners. People with experience are also welcome to attend. Come along to get fit, flexible, strong and serene.  The classes covers Yoga postures (including twists, balancing, standing, lunges, forward and back bends, inversions such as introduction to shoulder stand), breathing techniques and relaxation. There are over 200 Yoga postures which help build strength and flexibility. The breathing and relaxation assist with combating stress, good sleep, lung capacity, calm mind, clear thinking and overall well-being. Students report getting stronger, more flexible, sleeping better and feeling great.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a combining of the heat and continual movement of Ashtanga with the focus on alignment and awareness of Iyengar. This yoga will improve flexibility, build stamina, increase strength and cultivate confidence. It is accessible and enjoyable for the beginner as much as the more experienced student.

Intro. to Ashtanga Yoga takes a slower more gentle approach to what can be an intense form of Yoga practice. By gradually building strength and flexibility through dedicated stretching, and synchronising the breath with the posture the body is cleansed and rejuvenated. The mind becomes calm and sleep generally improves. Classes will be of mixed ability where all levels of experience are catered for.



Our climbing programme is at the forefront of development and endorsed by the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS). Our Adult Programme can give you the skills as a complete novice to confidently climbing outdoors. Top Rope Climbing (Beginners), Technical Climbing (Improvers) and Lead Climbing (Advanced) are the indoor courses we provide to help you learn the skills to progress.

Top Rope Climbing is a beginner’s course for those who wish to learn the skills necessary to use the climbing wall safely.

  • Topics covered:               Correct use of equipment and basic climbing technique
  • Pre requisites:                 None
  • Equipment:                      None

Technical Climbing is an intermediate course for those who have completed the top rope climber or who can top rope confidentially and competently, as a climber and as a belayer.

  • Topics covered:              Climbing technique, work with climbing partners, training for climbing and injury prevention.
  • Pre requisites:                Completed top rope climber or competent climber
  • Equipment:                     Climbing shoes

 Lead Climbing is an advanced course which introduces candidates to lead climbing and the required skills. Candidates will gain experience in both lead climbing and belaying and critically evaluate their own performance.

  • Topics covered:               Body position and resting on a straight arm, one handed clipping technique, clipping lower off anchors and the hazards of back-clipping and z-clipping.
  • Pre requisites:                Technical ability to both lead climb and lead belay
  • Equipment:                     Climbing shoes

All our climbing courses are facilitated by Sticky Feet Climbing. For more information on the courses and to contact the guys at Sticky Feet Climbing please visit


Barre is an athletic full-body workout designed to elongate, strengthen, and tone muscles through a fusion of Yoga, Ballet barre, and Pilates techniques.  This format comes to Queen's University from the United States where Barre is a phenomenon. It is known for fun, challenging classes and fast, effective results in achieving a dancer-like physique.  

Ballet This course focuses on the technical elements of Ballet and combines the benefits of both classical and contemporary Ballet styles - perfect for developing body awareness, flexibilty and strength.


Intro to Boxing Punch, hook and jab. Learn all the techniques of Boxing with our expert coach while getting a great overall workout. This course packs a real punch!

KickFit combines basic kicking techniques and exercises to improve overall cardiovascular fitness, strength, stability, balance and flexibility. This class will include elements from traditional circuits & Hiit training with static and dynamic stretching as well as basic martial arts techniques. This class does not require previous experience in combat sports.

Female Strength Training (Beginners) is a brand new progressive course developed for females who wish to get stronger and learn proper technique in the primary barbell, kettlebell and bodyweight movements. Gain confidence training with weights and learn in a non-intimidating group environment.


Adult Swimming provides a developmental programme leading from Beginners, to Improvers and then Advanced, covering basic fundamentals to developing technical proficiency in water.

Adult Beginners is a tailored course for first time and novice swimmers. The objective of this course is to help adults become more comfortable in the water. They will learn to enter the water, breath control and self buoyancy. As confidence builds they will learn the correct body position, kicking, travelling through water and all the elementary strokes.

Adult Intermediate focuses on stroke development and with greater confidence in the water the strokes that are learned in the Beginner’s class are further developed. Adults are completely independent at this level, treading water and recovery to a swimming position is mastered and basic turns will be introduced.

Adult Advanced objectives include developing stroke correction, technique and refinement in order to achieve more efficiency, power and endurance. More advanced progression is focused on to master all elementary strokes.